Boma’s Kitchen

Andrew’s mother,  whose beginnings in the hills of southern Italy inspired Iron Butterfly, has been affectionately referred to as “Boma” by her grandchildren since they first gathered in her kitchen to devour her homemade cooking. Boma does not write down any of her recipes. As in all other aspects of her life, she creates by feel and taste. Learn her secrets by watching her.

The Mezzogiorno Trilogy


Iron Butterfly

A high stakes trial lawyer for over three decades, Andrew Eustace Anselmi has found added sustenance in writing three novels, The Mezzogiorno Trilogy, that travel the yet undiscovered terrain and untold costs of the twentieth century American Dream.

The Autumn Crush

Iron Butterfly precedes in its entirety the already critically acclaimed The Autumn Crush, the saga of the arraignment and capital murder trial of Edward’s father, due to be re-released in 2022.


The third in the trilogy, Sarapiquí, will be launched in 2023, telling the story of how in the wake of his father’s trial, Edward inherits a cattle ranch in the rainforests of Costa Rica where he struggles with guilt, identity, fidelity and his faith.