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“Pulsing with feeling, haunted by the past, Anselmi’s novel—the second in a trilogy charting one Italian-American family’s journey in the 1980s U.S.—finds a young man confronting the mysteries of his immigrant mother’s youth…. The crisp, often lyric prose…tells the story with swiftness and power while always suggesting deeper meanings. Here’s rich, resonant fiction written with a welcome sense of play.”

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“Iron Butterfly is an affecting drama about love and family. The family dynamics are well written and relatable as personified by the Bennett Clan. Anselmi writes with a keen grasp of his character’s emotions…. An emotionally satisfying and overall enjoyable read.”

San Francisco Book Review(4.5 out of 5 Star Rating)


“Searching for the past, even though it might lead to discovering unexpected events and emotions, is something all families can relate to on some level….  [Anselmi] create[s] lively dialogues between family members in this tale. It sometimes felt like I was sitting at a kitchen table with people I knew…. I enjoyed the Bennett family’s journey into the past, and this book did more than enough to make me interested in the books that are to follow in this trilogy.”

Manhattan Book Review (4 out of 5 Star Rating)


The Mezzogiorno Trilogy


Iron Butterfly

A high stakes trial lawyer for over three decades, Andrew Eustace Anselmi has found added sustenance in writing three novels, The Mezzogiorno Trilogy, that travel the yet undiscovered terrain and untold costs of the twentieth century American Dream.

The Autumn Crush

Iron Butterfly precedes in its entirety the already critically acclaimed The Autumn Crush, the saga of the arraignment and capital murder trial of Edward’s father, due to be re-released in 2022.


The third in the trilogy, Sarapiquí, will be launched in 2023, telling the story of how in the wake of his father’s trial, Edward inherits a cattle ranch in the rainforests of Costa Rica where he struggles with guilt, identity, fidelity and his faith.