The Autumn Crush Reviews

The Autumn Crush

“For his debut, Anselmi has written an ambitious and downright old-fashioned novel.” – Kirkus Reviews


“An epic story of pursuing the great American Dream … Rich character development and lots of surprises kept me flipping the pages as fast as my eyes could read them.”     – Luxury Reading


“In a dramatic novel exploring the cost of assimilation … Anselmi explores grand themes of family, loyalty, wealth, and devotion in a promising plot that reveals the hardships and triumphs of twentieth-century immigrants.”     – Clarion Review


“Anselmi’s ongoing commentary on racism … may make readers cringe, but it’s a realistic reflection of multicultural America.” – BlueInk Reviews



The Mezzogiorno Trilogy


Iron Butterfly

A high stakes trial lawyer for over three decades, Andrew Eustace Anselmi has found added sustenance in writing three novels, The Mezzogiorno Trilogy, that travel the yet undiscovered terrain and untold costs of the twentieth century American Dream.

The Autumn Crush

Iron Butterfly precedes in its entirety the already critically acclaimed The Autumn Crush, the saga of the arraignment and capital murder trial of Edward’s father, due to be re-released in 2022.


The third in the trilogy, Sarapiquí, will be launched in 2023, telling the story of how in the wake of his father’s trial, Edward inherits a cattle ranch in the rainforests of Costa Rica where he struggles with guilt, identity, fidelity and his faith.